Congratulations Sue Taylor

Para Indoor Home Nations 21st to 24th April 2022 at Solihull IBC

If you had said 6 months ago that I would be playing for England I would not have believed you. Many members in the Club have been very supportive. I have become good friends with another DBE Player who has encouraged me and believed in me from the first time we met. Without him I would not be doing this now.
A brilliant weekend was spent with some amazing people. Bowling is for any ability or disability. It was a big learning curve for both Don and I, and very emotional. Solihull Rink is 35m, Taunton Deane I think is 32.5m. Bowling from T to T was a challenge in itself, however when most other players favoured this, and you are VI and playing bowlers who are Nationals Champions the pressure is on.
I did make some mistakes but learnt from them. But it was good to hear some lovely comments from the other players.
The result was
Wales 21
Scotland 22
England 35
For the England Team to win the Cup was brilliant. Looking forward to the next challenge.
Sue Taylor

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