Provisional future dates

  • One extra bit of news is that the Bar is opening from tomorrowSaturday 1st May. Bar service will only be available outside, to bowlers and spectators.
    Spectators  may only be present when the Bar is open, which is during Club organised matches and evening umbrellas. The times of these games can be found on Bowlr.
    Spectators must abide by social distancing rules and the ‘rule of six’ applies to the tables provided, where spectators must be seated. Government guidelines dictate these arrangements, they are not rules made by the Club.
    Payment for drinks may only be made by credit or debit card. Cash will not be accepted.

Provisional future dates for Club:

17 April Outdoor Green open. Club building closed except for Disabled Toilet being available during organised Club Sessions.

6 May Club open as a Polling Station. No bowling that day.

10 May Club building open to all Members.

Restricted Indoor Bowling starts.

Only Single roll-ups or Households on each rink).

Access to Outdoor Green through Building. All toilets available.

Lockers and Changing Rooms not available.

17 May Indoor Bowling extended to ‘Rule-of Six’ on each rink.


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