Winter Indoor Finals Report

Taunton Deane Bowling Club held its 22nd annual Indoor Winter Competition finals at Blackbrook over the weekend of 14th/15th April. However, four of the finals had to be held over until the following Tuesday 17th April as two of the ladies finalists, Di Routley and Sue Evans, were playing their National Finals at Nottingham.
Every game was played to a very high standard with some incredible bowling, keeping the many spectators on tender hooks. Remarkably in five of the finals the result was very much in doubt until the last wood was bowled.
The highlight of the event and arguably one of the best matches ever seen at the Club was the Men’s Champion of Champions when Terry Collins, who has been bowling for less than three years, beat the vastly experienced Charlie Takle. After a neck and neck tussle throughout with the score on 19 shots each Collins then produced a superb delivery to move the jack just enough to gain the two shots he required to win the trophy. Collins was also later involved in another final with Nick Tucker in the Men’s Drawn Pairs where they overcame Richard Edwards and Colin Day by 25 shots to 17.
Three other notable victories involved 21 year old Nick Best, who started with Taunton Deane as a junior and has recently returned to bowling after an absence of five years. He decisively won the Men’s Non-Winners and the Open Two Wood Singles but his victory against Kevin Burt in the Men’s Club Singles was more hard fought as he came from behind in the final stages to win 21 shots to 16. It is especially rewarding for the Club to see that Best who was coached as a young beginner in the Junior Section is now winning senior competitions.
Another promising junior member Niall Dixon, who was drawn with Barney Green, won the Generation Pairs final when they beat junior member Jamie Day senior player Brian Hawkins.
Another three times winner was Nick Tucker in the Men’s Clyno, the Open Australian Pair’s with Tony Parsons and the Men’s Drawn Pairs with Terry Collins.
The ladies Champion of Champions was won by Kirsty Hembrow who beat Lynn Williams, and the Ladies Club Singles was won by Sue Evans, who beat Sadie Lloyd. The Ladies Clyno was also won by Sue Evans playing against Eileen Phippen.
The ladies Non-Winners between Chris Denner and Claire Trask was a very close contest. With the score on 20-20 Trask then secured the one shot she needed to seal her victory.
The longest match took place on Tuesday, lasting over four hours, when Elsie Berry and Di Routley finally overcame the unlucky Sue Cridland and Rita Pope. Cridland and Pope had held the lead throughout the entire game only to see Berry and Routley score four shots on the final end to win 20 -17.
The Mixed Drawn Pairs was also another lengthy and closely matched game with Charlie Takle and Elsie Berry eventually winning 21 – 20 on the final end against Hugh Rodgers and Di Routley.
In the Open Drawn Triples there was yet another very close encounter. The lead changed several times throughout the game but Barbara Smith, Tony Day and Mark Reeve eventually won by one shot against Mike Laughton, Elsie Berry and Joan Jenkins.

The full list of winners and runners-up:
Men’s C of C Terry Collins 21 – Charlie Takle 19
Ladies C of C Kirsty Hembrow 21 – Lynn Williams 12
Men’s Club Singles Nick Best 21 – Kevin Burt 16
Ladies Club Singles Sue Evans 21 – Sadie Lloyd 6
Men’s Clyno Nick Tucker 57 – John Berry 45
Ladies Clyno Sue Evans 55 – Eileen Phippen 47
Men’s Non-Winner Singles Nick Best 21 – Jim Willcox 4
Ladies Non-Winner Singles Claire Trask 21 – Chris Denner 20
Generation Pairs Barney Green/Niall Dixon 13 – Brian Hawkins/Jamie Dixon
Men’s Drawn Pairs Terry Collins/Nick Tucker 25 – Richard Edwards/Colin Day 17
Ladies Drawn Pairs Elsie Berry/Di Routley 20 – Sue Cridland/Rita Pope 17
Open Two Wood Singles Nick Best 21 – Kevin Burt 6
Mixed Drawn Pairs Charlie Takle/Elsie Berry 21 – Hugh Rodger/Di Routley 20
Open Australian Drawn Pairs Tony Parsons/Nick Tucker 30 – Rita Pope/Alan Stone 11
Open Drawn Triples Barbara Smith/Tony Day/Mark Reeve 18 – Mike Laughton/Elsie Berry/ Joan Jenkins 17

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