Winter Leagues 2020/21

Entering a team


If you would like to enter a team for any of the leagues listed below, click on the relevant link to see the form. 
You will need to print the form, fill in the details and return as per instructions at the bottom of each form. 

Please note that only the first 10 forms received for each league will be entered into the league.  The closing date is June 30th.

Monday Morning Aussie Pairs

Monday Afternoon Aussie Pairs

Tuesday Morning Triples

Tuesday Evening Mens Fours

Wednesday Evening Pairs

Thursday Afternoon Handicap Triples

Thursday Evening Triples

Friday Morning Yardstick

Friday Evening Mens Triples



Printing varies accrding to device ( i.e. laptop, tablet etc) and according to browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc)

Usually to print a form, you can right click with your mouse anywhere on the form and select 'Print' or you can hold down the Ctrl key while you press P.

If these don't work you shoud be able to save the form to your computer and print from there.

If all else fails,
email Jane at

use the contact form here

Please list the following:

  • your name as team manager
  • your email address
  • the league in which you want to enter a team
  • names of your team members


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