Club Competition Rules

Summer 2023

The Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark 4th Edition, shall apply in all circumstance not covered by these rules. In the event of any dispute the Competitions Committee’s decision is final.

1. Availability to Play on Finals Day

The dates on which the finals will be played will be stated on the entry form. ALL PLAYERS ENTERING THE COMPETITIONS MUST BE AVAILABLE TO PLAY ON ALL THESE DAYS. If a player or team withdraws at any stage they will be replaced by the player or team they beat in the previous round.


2. Programme

The Competitions Committee will make the draw (which any member may attend and observe) from the entries submitted and the result of the draw will be displayed on the Competitions Notice Board. The schedule will show a date for the completion of each round and all games must be played prior to or on the completion date.

No extensions to this deadline will be permitted except in the following two very exceptional circumstances, serious illness or bereavement, with the agreement of the Competitions Committee. The Committee’s decision will be final.


3. Arranging the Game

The top name is the challenger and should contact the opponent to arrange the game. In pairs and triples matches the last name is the contact and should make the arrangements. Dates must be offered at least 2 weeks before the play by date. Failure to do this will result in the opponents becoming the challengers. In singles competitions the challenger should arrange a marker.

Players are reminded that they must book sufficient rink space in order to complete the game without interfering with other bookings.

Games shall be arranged with a mutually agreed start time. Play will commence when the required number of players from both sides are on the green. See also Section 13 below.


4. Arranging Rinks on Bowlr

The challenger must book a rink on Bowlr at “My Club Competition Matches”. Booking your rink on Bowlr will give you the time slot for your chosen game.

At the end of the game the winner must log in the result on Bowlr.


5. Duration of each Game`

The duration of each game is stated in the Information About Club Competitions – Summer 2023. These are as follows:


Singles – 21 shots or 2 hours (except Champion of Champions)
Clyno – 55 points, (no time limit)
Pairs – 15 ends or 2 hours
Triples – 15 ends or 2 hours


Singles – 21 shots (no time limit)
Clyno – 55 points (no time limit)
Pairs and Triples - 18 ends (no time limit)


1) Champion of Champions – 21 shots, played as per National Rules

2) Generation Pairs - 2 sets of 6 ends (If a draw, play a deciding end).


6. Clyno Rules and Scoring

The Clyno is a singles competition with each player having 3 bowls and the winner being the first player to reach 55 points. On the completion of each end the bowl nearest the jack scores 3 points, the second bowl scores 2 points and the third bowl scores 1 point. In the event of two counting bowls being equidistant from the jack each player will receive the same points, for example:

Each player equidistant from the jack will score 3 points each. The next nearest wood, if equidistant will score 2 points each and similarly if the 3rd wood is equidistant each player will receive 1 point each.


7. Australian Pairs Rules and Scoring

The Australian Pairs follows the normal rules and scoring as for the standard pair’s game. It is only the order of play that is different as described below:-

The two teams shall each decide on the order of their play and a toss of a coin is made to decide who goes first. The first player from each team will bowl two woods alternately and then the second player from each team will bowl all their four woods in alternate order. The end is completed with the two players that bowled first having delivered their last two woods alternately. The winners of the end shall start the next end but this time the second players of the previous end start and they bowl only two of their woods alternately. This pattern of play continues with the pair bowling first on an end always having the last two woods.


8. Trial Ends and Visits to the Head

In the Men’s and Ladies Champion of Champions competitions, 2 trial ends of 2 woods are permitted. Visits to the head are allowed AFTER a player has bowled 2 woods.

Trial ends and visits to the head are NOT permitted in any other matches EXCEPT on FINALS DAY - 2 trial ends of 2 woods per player; skips may visit the head after their 2nd wood.

Outdoors – Where the Jack comes to rest outside of the rink boundary, a dead end is declared.

Indoors – Where the Jack comes to rest outside of the rink boundary, the Jack is to be re-spotted on the nearest re-spot position.


9. Equal Scores (Excluding Clyno)

If at the end of the prescribed number of ends/time the scores are equal, an extra end shall be played. Before the extra end, players will toss a coin to decide the order of play. The player/team with the bowl nearest the Jack will be declared the winner.


10. Score Cards

All score cards must be completed and signed by both Players/Skips and placed at the end of the game in the Competitions Completed Scorecards holder. The signatory/ies of the card shall ensure that they annotate the card with any changes e.g. revised dates, times, late start, substitutes etc. The correct name of the competition being played must be written clearly at the top of the scorecard.


11. Substitutes

Drawn Pairs and Triples: If a substitute is required (at the discretion of the Competitions Committee) in a drawn pairs or triples competition, the Committee must be informed and they will try to provide a substitute. No substitutions are allowed unless approved by the Committee. If a substitution is made in round one it will be deemed to be permanent. If a substitution is made in subsequent rounds this will be deemed as a “One off” and the original player is allowed to return, if the team wishes. Once drawn, a player cannot play in another Team in the Drawn Pairs/Triples Competitions.


12. Markers

The challenger in any Singles Game (the first name on the draw sheet) must obtain a marker as the game cannot be played without one. Markers must wear regulation bowling clothes and shoes. Guidelines for Markers are available; please ask the Competitions Committee if you cannot see them on the Competitions notice board.


13. Disqualification

Any Competitor or Team not appearing for an arranged game within 15 minutes of the start time will automatically be eliminated from the Competition and be responsible for paying full rink fees of both teams.



21 April 2023F Compiled by the Competitions Committee – MJD, NAL,RMD

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